How to switch and modify the PHP versions of your hosting accounts?

To switch between the PHP versions of your hosting:


   1.Connect to your Cpanel interface  "http: //www.yourdomainname.ext/cpanel"

   2.Under the "Software" section, click on "MultiPHP Manager" or Gestionnaire MultiPHP

   3.Select the domains you want to modify, then choose the desired PHP version from the drop-down menu above the table, and click "Apply" or Appliquer

To modify your PHP configuration:


    1.Under the "Software" section, click on "MultiPHP INI Editor" or Editeur INI multiPHP

  1. Select the desired location by clicking on the drop-down menu displayed.

  1. Make the desired changes on the table, and click "Apply" or Appliquer

    4.Your settings have been changed successfully!

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