How to activate a cron with cPanel?

    1.Connect to your cPanel interface «http://www.votrenomdedomaine.ext/cpanel »

  1. Go to the "Advanced" section and click on "Cron tasks"

  1. Choose the parameters of the values of the desired periodicity (minutes, weekend, month ...), through the field "Common parameters" the choices will be displayed by default.

  1. Enter the command to be executed "/usr/bin/php /home/useraccount/public_html/example.php'' on the "Command" field, and click "Add a new Cron job"

P.S: Type /usr /bin /php /home/useraccount/public_html/example.php

You can replace example.php with the script you need to run periodically. For a blog directory "crick.php", you write:


/usr /bin /php /home/useraccount/public_html/blog/cric.php


(Pay attention to the space between /usr /bin /php and the rest.)

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